Bhringraj Oil – An Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil That Can Assist Hair Growth

False daisy and Bhringaraj are the well known names for the plant Eclipta alba, eclipta prostratawhich is its Latin name. It is a weed that grows in moist places in countries like Brazil, Thailand, India and China. Its leaf extract is an excellent tonic for the liver. It has also been used as an anti aging herb and as an herb for longevity. It is, however, more famous for its extensive use as an Ayurveda preparation as a hair growth hair oil, that brings a lot of benefits to the hair. It is extensively used as a natural therapy as hair oils for hair loss, hair growth and as hair oil for baldness. The question ” is bhringraj oil good for hair ” is answered by its increasing use by people all over the world, who use ayurvedic herbal hair oil as a natural therapy for hair growth.

It is not only the leaves of the Bhringaraj that have benefits. There are a lot of other powers and antiseptic properties, besides the plant being a source of ascorbic acid. Even the roots of the plant are used as diuretics and tonics. The extracts from the plant are full of alkaloids, triterpine, saponin, ecliptine, glycosides and luteolin. Thus, medical chemists find it an ideal plant that can give them a lot of medicines. Extracting each of these chemicals, however, does require specialized techniques. The most beneficial effects of these chemicals come when they are applied directly to the areas, which they are meant to benefit.

Bhringraj powder benefits that can come from the use of the plant make a huge list. Its use in Indian and Chinese medicine has been well documented for centuries. The plant is used in treatment for :

  • Ayurvedic care for hair
  • Herbal cure for baldness
  • Hair growth oil for women
  • Herbal hair fall treatment
  • To make hair oil for hair loss treatment
  • Eyes
  • Liver problems
  • Snake bites
  • Nervous system afflictions to improve concentration
  • Treating diphtheria and diarrhea Eczema and other skin complaints Bleeding
  • It has been of use in increasing longevity and can help in rejuvenation

Bhringraj oil is made with the powder of the leaves o f the plant with a base oil like coconut or sesame oil. These oils are easily absorbed by the scalp and do not clog the follicles like a number of other oils do. They help to keep the hair in robust health, while the Bhringaraj oil
ingredient itself gives the hair a lot of positive benefits. As a herbal product for hair growth, it is commonly used in the ayurvedic treatment of hair loss for both men and women. The oil helps to stimulate the follicles that are dormant, and this produces new hair. So it is ideal as a baldness treatment in Ayurveda for people who suffer from receding hairlines.

Ayurvedic products for hair growth use benefits of Bhringraj oil for hair and herbal hair treatment for hair loss. All these Bhringraj benefits for hair. are many and well documented. It is the best herbal product for hair growth, as it makes hair healthier and stronger than it was earlier. This ayurvedic oil strengthens the scalp skin and also gives the hair a lot of strength right from its roots. Thus, hair that grows through the benefits of Bhringaraj is always unusually strong and healthy. Such hair gets restored to its original color, and therefore can also be used for those who suspect that they are going gray. While such an result may not be the same for every person, it does check the process of turning gray, and therefore has a cosmetic effect that many people desire. It is far better than using hair dyes that do have a detrimental effect on hair in the long run. Hair texture can improve with the use of this oil and help to make the hair softer and thicker.

Hair loss treatment in Ayurveda

It is best if Bhringaraj oil is rubbed into the scalp, after saturating it with the product. It should be preferably be left overnight, for maximum effect before it is washed out with shampoo. Leaving it in place for at least an hour before washing it out can help the hair to get the full advantage of the oil. Such applications need to be persevered with, and it may take at least three of them, before one can start noticing any beneficial changes. Bhringaraj hair tonic
The greatest advantage of this preparation is that it is a entirely natural one, with no other chemicals added to it. Most conventional hair oils do contain a lot of additional substances whose long term effects are not acceptable. It is the best herbal hair oil for hair growth.

Bhringaraj is available now in the form of capsules and tonics, which some people may choose instead of the application of hair oils. They are particularly useful where the objective is to treat hair and skin that has prematurely lost its vitality. It can help to treat premature graying of hair, loss of hair and other allergies that affect the skin. Hair fall treatment in Ayurveda and hair fall treatment in Ayurveda mainly use Bhringaraj.

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