Great Dentist Locations in Monterey

I just moved to Monterey and I guess that I am going to have to find a dentist soon. I have had a tooth ache for a couple of weeks now, and it just seems to be getting worse. Sometimes it hurts so bad, that I do not know what I am going to do. It is ridiculous, and i have never had a problem like this in my life. So my main objective at the moment is to find a dentist in Monterey that will be able to see me in the next day or two because honestly I do not think that I would be able to wait much longer than that. This pain is really doing something messed up to my head.

I have actually taken off of work for the last couple of days, and for what, just because of a tooth? It sounds ridiculous to me, and I did not tell my boss the nature of my absence. I feel like he would laugh at me, because he was in a war, and he probably had a lot worse of injuries than that than I am going through right now.Continue Reading